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This is our wonderful gallery and latest news from FCR Plymouth.


Mike Snook is in the top 100 worldwide on M-XCLOUD

Hell Yeah !!!Our very own
Mike Snook is in the top 100 in the world, what an awesome thing to see, he is a world leader in rock shows.
So it's a very big' WELL DONE ' from us all at FCR.
3 shows, placed at 43rd - 57th - 85th


Billy Jay is in the top 100 worldwide

Great news again for Ferndale Community Radio based in Plymouth as our very own Billy Jay enters the top 100 with two of his regular shows.

As you can see on the left, he's in at number 66 for The Billy Jay Radio Show covering Americana.

Also in at number 69 for his Rockabilly show.

So a big ' WELL DONE ' from us all at FCR.

What an awesome thing for us at FCR to see, we are so proud of Mike and Billy Jay.

Welcome Sky!
A new presenter joins FCR


Sky Wallis is one of our new presenters, she is having a training session with the manager Steve Medlin, and she's doing fantastic.

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Steven Medlin
General Manager

Getting ready for the breakfast show at 8am, but the work starts at 7am for Steve, he has to get everything up and running, all the adverts for the day all done and put on Facebook and all of our other platforms we use, so he's up at 6am, then off to the studio for most of the day.


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